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Shopping and Street Markets

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Shopping and Street Markets

You cannot say that you have visited Catania without having seen the Pescheria or having walked in via Etnea, buying the beautiful products of local craftsmanship.

Shopping and Street Markets
  • "Fera o' Luni" Market

    Typical local market.

  • Via Etnea

    Via Etnea is the main street in the Catania historic center. The street was built only at the end of the 17th century following the disastrous earthquake of 11 January 1693.

    The buildings along the road were built in the Sicilian Baroque style by the architects Giovanni Battista Vaccarini and Francesco Battaglia.

  • La Pescheria (Fish Market)

    La Pescheria (Piscarìa in Sicilian language) is the ancient fish market of Catania city. The market is always crowded and the incessant vocation (la vuciata) of the sellers creates an Arab souk background.

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