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The Cyclops Coast

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The Cyclops Coast

The Riviera dei Ciclopi is a 12 km long stretch of coast, located north of the city of Catania, overlooked by the cities of Acireale, Aci Castello, Acitrezza and many others, always identified by the prefix "Aci". According to legend, Aci was a shepherd who fell in love with Galatea, a beautiful sea nymph. However, he was not the only one to love her. Polyphemus, driven by jealousy, threw a large rock on Aci, killing him. The nymph then asked the gods to return her beloved and they transformed it into a river, in whose delta Aci and Galatea could meet.

The Cyclops Coast
  • Aci Castello

    This city is named after the Norman castle built on a promontory of volcanic rock overlooking the sea, now home to the civic museum.

    The panorama of the promenade is among the most romantic on the coast.

  • Acitrezza

    It' s a small fishing village, in whose waterfront emerge Cyclops' stacks and Lachea's island.

    The town was made known by Giovanni Verga's book, "I Malavoglia", set here; and it is here that Luchino Visconti shot his film "La Terra Trema" (the earth trembles), inspired by the Sicilian writer's book.

  • Acireale

    Acireale, a city rich in typically Baroque architectural elements, which adorn the facades of buildings and churches. It is a center of ancient spa traditions where the "Terme di Acireale" rise.

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