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Aci Castello & Acitrezza

Must See

  • Aci Castello & Acitrezza
Must See Aci Castello & Acitrezza

Well-known seaside of eastern Sicily, Aci Castello has a unique charm, bordered by crystal-clear waters that lash into the lava-stone ridges, in the shadow of the Norman Castle that gave its name to the city.

Acitrezza is a fraction of Aci Castello, so characteristic that it inspired the odes of Homer for his Odyssey. An absolutely adorable small fishing village, it enchants with its panorama dominated by the 8 faraglioni, the lava ridges formed before Etna.

Duration of Visit: 30 m.

Approximate Time Distance From the Port: 15 min. by car.

Address 95021 CT

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